General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Subject of the Contract

1.1 An “Advertising Contract” within the meaning of the following general terms and conditions is a Contract concerning the publication of one or more adverts by an employer/other interested party (hereafter referred to as “the Client”) under  for the purpose of distribution over an agreed period of time.

1.2 Online job advertisements can be ordered as follows: either as an order to publish a PDF file (individual advert), or in the form of an online input (standard advert) where the client enters his/her own advertising text via online input masks under

1.3 The provider within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions is NAFEMS Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz GmbH, Osterham 23, D-83233 Bernau, Germany, hereafter referred to as “NAFEMS”.

1.4 These General Terms and Conditions and the price list (part of the Contract) published under apply to all online job advertisements. The General Terms and Conditions of the Client shall be invalid unless they are identical to these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Services provided by NAFEMS

2.1 The services provided by NAFEMS encompass registration and categorization according to the options provided under Online job advertisements shall be registered using the prescribed input mask available under To make adverts easier to find, search criteria are classified. NAFEMS also provides the possibility of carrying out a full text search.

2.2 At the request of the Client, NAFEMS may make small corrections to the Client’s job advertisement, provided they are technically feasible and the content is reasonable. However, the identity of the job advertised may not be altered. The costs shall be borne by the Client. Alterations shall be submitted in writing.

2.3 The job advertisement shall be published at the point in time arranged in writing with the client. In the event that no date has been fixed, the advert shall be published immediately upon conclusion of the advertising Contract, in general within 48 hours at the latest. The Client is obliged to submit correct, complete and suitable advertisements. This shall also apply to job advertisements entered via the self-input mask. NAFEMS shall not be generally liable for any delays incurring as a result of the content of the advertising text supplied by the Client for publication, irrespective of whether these delays are of a content-related or technical nature.

3. Conclusion of the Contract

3.1 The Contract is concluded upon written confirmation and/or as a result of publication under – all offers are non-binding.

3.2 In the event that the Contract is entered into via an advertising agency, the Contract shall be concluded with the advertising agency. NAFEMS reserves the right to request the advertising agency to supply written proof of the mandate.

3.3 The requirement of written notification shall be deemed to be fulfilled if correspondence is transmitted by letter, e-mail or input via online forms.

3.4 As a general principle, the Client may cancel an order prior to publication. Cancellation shall be submitted in writing. In the event of cancellation of advertisements which have already been placed online, 100% of the agreed sum shall be due. In addition to this, for the cancellation of individual job advertisements ordered prior to publication, we shall charge a cancellation fee of 30 %.

3.5 The Client shall be liable for the content, in particular the correctness and legal validity, of the text and graphic material supplied for placement of the advertisement. NAFEMS shall not be obliged to examine the advertisement for the possible infringement of third party rights. The Client is obliged to indemnify us against claims made by third parties arising in any way through execution of the advertising order. If protected trademark rights are used in connection with the publishing of the advertisement, their use is authorized herewith. The Client guarantees that the granting of such authorization is justified.

3.6 We reserve the right to reject advertising orders on the grounds of content, origin or technical form in accordance with standard, objectively justifiable principles. This especially applies if the content of the job advertisement violates legal or official prohibitions, is immoral, or if publication is otherwise deemed by us to be unsuitable.

3.7 We reserve the right to remove job advertisements and other advertisements from the offer without giving the Client prior notice if their contents violate legal or official prohibitions or are immoral. The Client shall be informed of such measures immediately. The Client shall not be entitled to claim reimbursement.

4. Obligations of the Client

4.1 The Client is obliged to submit correct, complete and suitable advertisements.

4.2 In order for his/her advertisement to be appropriately depicted online, the Client is obliged to supply all required files in an adequately high quality. Suitable file formats for Logo-Upload are JPG, GIF and PNG, and PDF for individual advertisements. All uploads may have a maximum size of 500 KB.

5. Conditions of payment

5.1 Payment of services shall be due upon registration or upon insertion of an individual advertisement, as well as upon placement of an order by e-mail, fax or letter, through which a Contractual relationship – also implicitly – has come about.

5.2 New clients from abroad are requested to pay in advance for the first 3 advertisements published, or for other services provided by, either by bank transfer or proof of payment in cash to our account. Proof includes paying-in slips validated by the bank or post office. We apologize for any inconvenience.

5.3 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client shall pay the appropriate amount stated in the price list which can be called up under The price list published in the Internet at the time the order was made shall be decisive.

5.4 The invoice shall be drawn up without delay and sent to the Client. The invoice shall be paid to our account without any deductions within a period of 7 days.

5.5 Registered advertising agencies shall receive a 15 % remuneration to cover the expenses of their mediation work. However, no deductions shall be given for job advertisements placed via online input (standard advertisements). Agencies working together with us for the first time are requested to provide proof that they are a bona fide advertising agency (extract from commercial register or business registration) when placing their order.

6. Warranty and liability

6.1 NAFEMS guarantees the best possible reproduction of the job advertisement in accordance with the accepted technical standards at the time. However, according to the state of the art, the Client is aware of the fact that it is not possible to develop a program which is completely free of error.

6.2 An error in the presentation of the job advertisement is particularly not given if the impairment is caused by

  • the use of unsuitable display software and/or hardware (e.g. browser) or
  • faults in the communication networks of other providers or
  • third party computer failure at an Internet access provider or at an online service or
  • incomplete and/or not updated offers on so-called proxy servers (cache) of commercial and non-commercial providers and online services or
  • a breakdown of the server lasting no longer than 24 hours (cumulated or continuous) within a 30-day period after commencement of the Contractually agreed placement period.

6.3 In the event that an order cannot be carried out for reasons which are no fault of NAFEMS, where possible the order will be repeated. Such reasons include, in particular, force majeure, strike, legal provisions, disruptions originating from the sphere of responsibility of third parties, network operators or service providers or similar reasons. If the order is repeated at the earliest possible opportunity, the claim for payment made by NAFEMS remains unaffected.

6.4 The Client and NAFEMS agree that, in accordance with the current state of the art, it cannot be excluded that published job advertisements will be copied, linked and/or re-published and presented by other Internet providers as their own offer with the aid of frames.



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NAFEMS is the International Association of the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community. We are a not-for-profit organisation which was established in 1983. Our principal aims are to:

  • Improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the use of engineering simulation
  • Establish best practice in engineering simulation
  • Provide a focal point for the dissemination and exchange of information and knowledge relating to engineering simulation
  • Promote collaboration and communication
  • Act as an advocate for the deployment of simulation
  • Continuously improve the education and training in the use of simulation techniques
  • Be recognised as a valued independent authority that operates with neutrality and integrity

We focus on the practical application of numerical engineering simulation techniques such the Finite Element Method for Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Multibody Simulation. In addition to end users from all industry sectors, our stakeholders include technology providers, researchers and academics.

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